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"Let your dreams be the wings with which you take to the sky." - K. Kumar

Butterfly Society

To educate the community, advocate for legislation, provide direct services to victims, and partner with other agencies to end domestic violence. 

Our Stories, Our Truth,Our Voices, Our Power

How can you help?

We understand that confronting domestic violence, whether you are a victim or someone from the outside looking in, is an uncomfortable (and often at times a dangerous situation).  By implementing our four step approach, you can take a much more active role in speaking out against domestic violence. 

Our Donors Matter

Additional support is critical to help provide the financial means for a victim of domestic abuse to secure a fresh start.

Report Abuse Please

Are you or anyone else you know currently in a violent situation?

Our Services

  • Advocacy
  • Counseling
  • Information
  • Legal
  • Outreach
  • Referrals
  • Safety Planning
  • Support Group

The 10th Anniversary


I Am Enough

I am Enough is a program designed to empower young women to transform their lives through personal development and  self acceptance. 

Our Initiatives


A Call To Men

TBS works closely with men to take action against domestic abuse.  We provide resources for men and young boys to tell the world that we share zero tolerance for domestic abuse. 


We Are Coming To See About You

Since 2017, TBS and our supporters take to the streets to protest domestic violence in honor of its victims (past and present).


Teen Talk: Love is Kind, Love is Respect, Love is not Abuse

Teen talk is more than a dialogue about healthy #relationshipgoals.  It is an educational initiative  designed to discuss issues such as mental health, dating violence, body image, and anti-violence issues. 

Our Events

No events at the moment
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